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Udderly Alpine's

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Moonshine's Pepper Pots Curly Cue

2nd Generation Mini-Alpine

Born: March 20th, 2014

Out of Dancing Dragon Thor and Shady Acres Freckles

CAE Neg. via Biotracking

R.I.P my poor Pep (coyote killed)

Shady Acres Freckles
1st Generation Grade Mini-Alpine
Born: April 6, 2010
Out of Irish Whisper Fancy Gilligan and Coach Farms Oreo
CAE + via Biotracking
R.I.P Freckles- pic for reference only

West View Desert Lily

American Toggenburg

Born: March 17, 2010

Out of Welbian-Farm's Twilight Flirt LA2009, and Little-Rainbow LCS Desert Girl ST2008, LA2009, 2008, and 2007 1*M

Moonshine's Zeus' Talia

F1 Mini Alpine


     American Nubian


Shady Acres Willa

1st Generation Mini-Alpine

Born: March 29, 2010

Out of Irish Whisper Fancy Gilligan and Coach Farms Androsias (Mocha)

CAE Neg. via Biotracking

Sage Farm Calico Vanellus

American Alpine

Born: March 06, 2014

Out of Mamm-Key Thingy's Romeo *B and Sage Farm Naomi Campbell

CAE Neg. via Biotracking

The Jones Farm BJ Summer Skye

F1 Mini-Oberhasli

MDGA registered

       Lynnhaven BDH Amor Vittone

       Purebred Lamancha

      ADGA registered

                   Lynnhaven Harmony

                    Purebred Nubian

                   ADGA registered

West View Athena

Purebred Lamancha

Born: April 12, 1014

Out of Little Orchard SC Palermo *B and West View Sapphire's Swan

CAE neg.via Biotracking

               Lynnhaven BDH Hive Jive

                  Purebred Lamancha

                      ADGA registered

  Moonshine's Rhythm Of The Road

  F1 Mini Toggenburg

    Moonshine's Luscious Ivory
      F1 Mini-Lamancha
     MDGA registered

    Moonshine's Twang Is Ma' Name

     F1 Mini Toggenburg

      Moonshine's Deep Ebony

      F1 Mini-Lamancha

      MDGA registered

  West View Caper


    On The Road Again Surprise

    American Oberhasli

The Moonshine Goats Lacey

  Grade Alpine 50%

The Moonshine Goats Maisey

Grade Alpine 50%

     Moonshine's Four Leaf Clover

    F2 Mini Alpine